Vacant Building Lots In Hot Demand

Vacant Building Lots In Hot Demand 26/04/2017

Over the past decade, subdivision of substantial acreage land holdings has become increasingly difficult. Constraints in both Local and State Government planning legislation has meant that the vast majority of 2 to 10 hectare lots carry rural zonings, reducing the potential for subdivision to residential lots.
Whilst this has been significant in ensuring the Perth hills and particularly Roleystone and surrounds maintain that ‘rural’ feel we all enjoy, it has also resulted in virtually no vacant building lots available which is important of course as new housing invariably leads to higher prices of established housing in that it generally lifts the suburb’s average real estate value. 
As an example of how much in demand vacant land is, being RRE’s latest land release ‘CONTI GARDENS’ in Walliston, where lots are pre-selling prior to sub-division works even commencing. 


Pre-sales of Conti Gardens Estate affirming demand of land is far outstripping supply

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