Buyer Trend To ‘Upscale’ The Family Home

Buyer Trend To ‘Upscale’ The Family Home 01/06/2015

Could the cash rate possibly dip below its current historical rate of 2% forcing the major banks to reduce interest rates even lower! Unlikely according to most current buyers, who see the current financial climate as a never to be repeated opportunity to secure their dream piece of Real Estate.

The marketplace has again demonstrated its continuation of solid strength with strong buyer activity following on through from May.

Smart investors and home owners alike are scrambling to secure ‘cheap’ funds as they see the time right now as been an unprecedented opportunity to expand their investment portfolio or trade up to their dream family residence.

Worth noting is that here at RRE, we are seeing a pattern develop of buyers trading up from their existing residence, however interestingly they are choosing to hold onto their current property and directly finance their new purchase.

So why is this of importance?... Simple. If the vast majority of buyers choose to not sell their existing property and purchase another outright, it will invariably lead to decline in the amount of listings available invariably resulting in an increase in property prices especially in the lower to mid range price sectors where a significant number of buyers are trading up from.

So don’t let the market pass you by… Secure your new home now!!

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