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Industry Indicators confirm 2020 will see strong Perth Real Estate market. 01/12/2019

With buyer activity and resulting transactions of local properties being unprecedented for this time of year, there is absolutely no question that 2020 is going to be a “stellar” of a year with the tides likely to turn from a buyer to a seller market. With sales of properties under $... read more

Recent Bank Survey Confirms Perth Property Market Is On The Rise… 01/11/2019

Confidence in Perth has jumped to second highest in the country as economic expectations improve. Wishes have been answered as we walk into the new year with a very promising period for the Perth property market. The outlook for Perth is highly positive following the prolonged period the city ha... read more

Roleystone property market moving forward as we head into the spring season... 01/09/2019

Perfect spring weather and interest rates key drives for strong property market. At the time of writing this article, our firm had SOLD a property every 4 days! Whist we believe there is absolutely no question that local property prices represent incredible value for the buyer, the wonderful sp... read more

REIWA backs Productivity Commission Chairman's call to abolish stamp duty 01/08/2019

The role of stamp duty has come under fresh scrutiny in Western Australia following Productivity Commission Chairman Michael Brennan’s recommendation for state governments to abolish the tax. In an interview with Nine, Mr Brennan backed the replacement of state government imp... read more

Coalitions election victory ends months of speculation to negative gearing. 01/06/2019

Real Estate Institute of Australia President Adrian Kelly believed the prospect of negative gearing changes played a "massive" role in the Coalition's upset election victory on Saturday. The uncertainty that has plagued the property market for months "went out the window ... read more

The $1 million dollar question: Will 2019 see a further reduction in interest rates? 01/05/2019

“For many months, the Reserve Bank has told us the next move in interest rates is likely to be up, albeit not for some time. However in a recent speech, the RBA’s Deputy Governor Guy Debelle cited that with the dramatic fall in Sydney and Melbourne property, the Reserve Bank was not r... read more

Perth now Australias Safest/ Most secure City to invest in… 01/03/2019

Western Australia - the most stable housing market in the Country With Sydney and Melbourne having recorded an almost 300% growth in the past 4 years, the sustainability of such growth has reached its optimum with real estate prices in the those capital cities predicted to fall by around 25 perc... read more

Perth Poised for a strong Real Estate market - 2019 01/02/2019

Perth median house price up five percent in December quarter! As reported in REIWA’s latest press release, (January 15th), Perth's median property prices rose by 5% during the December quarter, further confirming that 2019 is set to be a year of consolidation with strong buyer activity... read more

2018, the year as it was… “The Turning Point” 10/12/2018

Latest statistics out from the real estate institute of WA (REIWA) - leave absolutely no doubt that the Perth and indeed extended West Australia (or WA) Real Estate market is on the increase with prices by the end of 2019 tipped to increase by a modest 7% on average. The first quarter of that ye... read more

Perth property growth - staggering 412 percent from 1993... 05/11/2018

Perth fell behind only Melbourne and Sydney when it came to percentage-value property price increases over the past 25 years, according to a recent report by Aussie Home Loans and CoreLogic. While much of the housing affordability rhetoric nationally centres around the large cities in the easter... read more

Market Poised for highest growth since 2007! 01/10/2018

Perth still most affordable Capital City   The exceptional  rate of property transactions over the past month not only in the Perth Hills but also in the metro area in general is clear evidence that the Western Australian market is poised for its most significant growth since 2007! 1... read more

Over 10 percent of house sales in Perth now sell above $1 million 05/09/2018

34 Frensham Place, Martin - SOLD in excess of $1 million Sales above $1 million now account for 11 percent of all house sales in the Perth Metro region. REIWA President Hayden Groves said there had been a steady increase in the proportion of sales above $1 million in Perth since 2012. Its in... read more

“Boomtown's bounce is back as economy out of the woods” 01/08/2018

 7 Rubida Rise, Roleystone The West Australian economy is “out of the woods”, one of the nation’s most respected forecasters has declared, with housing and wages finally gaining traction. Amid warnings the Turnbull Government was making the same mistake of the Howard gover... read more

Average Perth Home To Cost $2.48 Million By 2043, Where will the value of your property portfolio be in 25 years time? 02/07/2018

   3 Lori Road, Kelmscott  For decades, savvy Real Estate investors have always taken a long term view of their property investment and irrespective of whether markets are up or down, have held onto their Real Estate.  For anyone concerned about the future growth of Perth (a... read more

Federal Governments $3.2 Billion Commitment to Impact on WA Real Estate 01/06/2018

227 Heritage Drive, Roleystone   Whilst the recent Federal Budget handed down on May 9th by treasurer Scott Morrison confirmed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball’s commitment to allocate $3.2 billion towards WA’s infrastructure requirements, the question remains how this much ne... read more

A Property Sold Every 2.5 Days!! 01/05/2018

138 Peet Road, Roleystone  Hills in Hot Demand… Buyer Competition   For the first time since 2014, we have seen unprecedented demand across all Roleystone and surrounding district properties lead to competition amongst savvy buyers, with several of our listings in April rece... read more

Market Continues to Gain Momentum 01/04/2018

95 Holden Road, Roleystone   Prices Holding Steady - Buyer demand going from strength to strength...   As stated in our March edition, the Perth Property Market and specifically the Southern Hills region is gaining momentum and is in the midst of changing from what has been a buye... read more

Unprecedented Sales January & February 01/03/2018

8 Holden Road, Roleystone   BUYER DEMAND ON THE INCREASE   As stated in our February publication, the Perth Property Market and specifically the Southern Hills region is gaining momentum and is invariably in the midst of changing from what has been a buyers to a sellers market. H... read more

“The Times - They Are A Changing” 02/02/2018

PERTH PROPERTY MARKET GAINING MOMENTUM   “Almost 40% of Perth Suburbs Have a Shortage of Homes For Sale, Says REIWA”   DESPITE there being nearly 12,000 properties for sale in Perth, almost 40 per cent of suburbs have a shortage of homes for sale, according to REIWA. Pre... read more

$1 Million Plus Properties On The Move!! 01/09/2017

The month of August was an extremely eventful one for the Real Estate Industry in the Perth Hills…   Backed up by REIWA’s (Real Estate Institute of Western Australia) data showing the Perth Real Estate market has not only stabilised, however is heading slowly upward, many prop... read more

Investors cross the Nullarbor! 01/08/2017

At a recent property information evening, Rod Davidson, National Director of well respected Australia wide valuation firm, LMW Advisory, shared his insights into the current Perth market, and specifically the direction it is heading. Among his observations being words of warning about the &lsquo... read more

Property Withholding Tax Effective 1st July 2017 03/07/2017

From 1st July 2017, ALL real estate sold throughout Australia with a value in excess of $750,000 will come under the newly introduced ‘withholding tax’ legislation.   First introduced several years ago, property withholding tax was initially implemented by the ATO (Australian T... read more

Sales Activity Increases 6% in the Week Ending 23rd May… 31/05/2017

At the time of writing this publication, Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA) figures showed a 6% increase in sales from the previous weeks activity with 586 transactions being recorded.   At the same time, Perth’s median house price remained stable at $515,000 with 260 less propertie... read more

Vacant Building Lots In Hot Demand 26/04/2017

Over the past decade, subdivision of substantial acreage land holdings has become increasingly difficult. Constraints in both Local and State Government planning legislation has meant that the vast majority of 2 to 10 hectare lots carry rural zonings, reducing the potential for subdivision to res... read more

Change of State Governance - Perth Hills Housing Market Likely to Remain Strong and Steady! 01/04/2017

Irrespective of what political factions we each personally choose to support, the clear fact remains that the majority of West Australians were seeking a change in governance as indicated in a resounding result of the recent March 11th state elections.   Whilst the newly elected party has ... read more

18.5% increase in number of properties SOLD! 01/03/2017

With the latest REIWA statistics providing clear evidence of the number of real estate transactions being 18.5% higher than the same time last year, there is no question that property prices will most certainly increase as the year progresses.   It’s important to note that whilst the... read more

Perth Median House Price Heading North 01/02/2017

Just as we predicted here at RRE, the latest REIWA (Real Estate Institute of WA) statistics confirm a rise in the median house price over the December 2016 quarter.   REIWA President Hayden Groves stated in his latest report “This is the second month in a  row that we’ve s... read more

December 2016…. 01/12/2016

From all of us here at RRE, a sincere thank you for your good will and loyalty throughout 2016.   We wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season & a prosperous 2017.   read more

Market Snapshot… Perth Property Sales Increase by 19%!! 01/11/2016

In line with our expectations here at RRE and affirmed directly in our past FOUR editions… the Perth property market is headed for its best quarter since mid 2013.   As reported in the REIWA news for the week ending October 18th, the number of transactions increased by 19% with 626 ... read more

Perth Property… why its not all about Mining 01/10/2016

Whilst the transactions of Real Estate in Perth has been, to a degree, influenced by the Mining Industry, many economic and industry forecasters are tipping the future growth in WA to be comparable with the Eastern Seaboard and in particular NSW.   With enhanced liveability and job opportu... read more

After almost 30 years, RRE returns to where it all began… 01/08/2016

Two years in the thought process and a further six months of meticulous planning, our new office at number 2 Soldiers Road is finally complete.   Constructed circa early 1900’s, this iconic heritage building originally served as Roleystone’s first Co-Op, where locals would gath... read more

Market on the Move… Strong Buyer Activity Now Pushes Through the $1 Million Mark… 01/07/2016

In our June edition, we commented on how buyer activity in the sub $500,000 price category was unprecedented, with tenants taking full advantage of interest rate lows and entering the market of first home buyers, and our subsequent expectancy of increase in activity across all price sectors. &nb... read more

Buyer activity in the sub $500,000 price sector unprecedented…. RRE have buyers waiting! 01/06/2016

With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) reducing the cash rate to a historic 1.75% on their May 3rd meeting, buying your first home has never been more affordable!   11 Orchid Drive, Roleystone  In simple terms, with initial payments on a $500,000 mortgage (based on average bank r... read more

Savvy buyers ‘swoop’ on exceptionally priced Perth Real Estate 01/05/2016

With Sydney median housing prices pushing the $1 million mark, and Melbourne breaking the $750,000 barrier.  Both local and Eastern seaboard buyers are taking full advantage of Perths very affordable $520,000 median property value. 8 Glebe Road, Roleystone  Whilst this is demonstrated... read more

Perth land prices now highest median per square metre in Australian Capital Cities 01/04/2016

A rise in land prices and a reduction in lot sizes could lead to new types of houses in Perth.   Perth land prices have leapt ahead in the past 12 months with new figures out this week revealing a 10.7 percent increase.   Our city now has the highest median price a square metre for ... read more

Perth Rental Vacancy rates at 7% 01/03/2016

According to figures published by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), Perth long term rental vacancy rate normally sits at around the 3% mark.   The latest figures published by REIWA indicate the current Perth rental vacancy rate is now pushing 7%. Whilst this is not g... read more

Sydney - Melbourne markets on the downturn - Perth Southern Hills from strength to strength 01/02/2016

In our December edition, I commented on how the unprecedented performance of the Sydney and Melbourne markets and my predictions on Perth being next. Whilst some eastern seaboard commentators may see Perth remaining stagnant for 2016, the fact remains that Perth’s construction boom with 20... read more

Perth Hills continues to be… ‘as steady as she goes’ 01/09/2015

The Perth Hills Real Estate market continues to out perform almost every other sector of the Perth Metropolitan region. Whilst some areas have seen substantial price discounting, the southern hills region and in particular, Roleystone, Bedfordale, Mount Nasura together with the Kelmscott hills is... read more

Perth Hills continue Market Dominance 01/08/2015

In what is becoming almost an expectancy, real estate market analysts once again confirm the Perth Hills and in particular, Roleystone, Mount Nasura and Bedfordale are ‘backing’ the trend and seeing a continuation of strong sales with evidence of buyers re-entering the $900,000 plus c... read more

Perth Hills continue Market Dominance 01/07/2015

In what is becoming almost an expectancy, real estate market analysts once again confirm the Perth Hills and in particular, Roleystone, Mount Nasura and Bedfordale are ‘backing’ the trend and seeing a continuation of strong sales with evidence of buyers re-entering the $900,000 plus c... read more

Buyer Trend To ‘Upscale’ The Family Home 01/06/2015

Could the cash rate possibly dip below its current historical rate of 2% forcing the major banks to reduce interest rates even lower! Unlikely according to most current buyers, who see the current financial climate as a never to be repeated opportunity to secure their dream piece of Real Estate.T... read more

Low interest rates entice Savvy Investors 01/05/2015

Value savvy Real Estate buyers are making the most of the lowest interest rates in modern history, by snapping up local real estate which is both attractive in presentation and price.The Perth real estate market has seen significant changes over the past month.In particular, smart investors are o... read more

Low interest rates & strong population growth…. 01/04/2015

Whilst the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) remains cautious about economic growth in their latest ‘monetary policy statement’, they have also been quick to point out that the low interest rates, together with strong population growth will continue to demonstrate strong real estate inv... read more

RBA Decision spurs property sales! 01/03/2015

The decision by Reserve Bank Governor Glen Stevens and RBA board to reduce the cash rate at their February 3rd meeting by another 50 basis points to 2.25% has all but cemented the expected property price increases expected in the latter part of 2015.Reports by the majority of economists and indus... read more

Property Sales in Top Gear 01/02/2015

Industry analysts reports published in late 2014 predicting a slow down in Perth property sales in the first half of 2015, have been quickly dispelled.As I reported in the November 2014 edition of the Property Guide, Real Estate property transactions have started in 2015 with an ‘almighty b... read more

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